Our services

We offer an extensive range of financial services which enable us to create a tailored financial plan, whatever your financial situation. We will assist you with managing your short and long term financial needs, from starting out in the workforce, through to planning for retirement.

Wealth accumulation

Cashflow management

Although it sounds simple, effective cash flow planning is the foundation for your financial well-being. It’s about understanding your income, expenses, future needs, aspirations and also providing some contingency funds. Most people have multiple financial commitments, including mortgage, lifestyle needs, education funding and others while attempting to build wealth for the future.

We can help you prioritise and plan to find the balance between funding your lifestyle today as well as planning for the future.

Wealth Accumulation

The key purpose of investing is building wealth for the future. But how and where you invest depends on various factors – some of which are under our control but not all. Which is why investment planning is about positioning your portfolio to maximise returns while managing investment risks. We work closely with you to determine your investment goals, time frame and attitude towards risk. Your investment portfolio is then built to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

Risk insurance

There are a range of insurance options available that can be tailored to suit your needs and personal situation. The most common types of life insurance include:

Income protection

In the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury, income protection provides you with a monthly benefit. This is paid for an agreed period of time while you are unable to return to the workforce. The premiums that you will pay for this type of policy are generally tax deductible. If you hold your insurance within super, the super fund is able to claim a tax deduction on income protection insurance premiums which can reduce the cost of the cover.

Life insurance

Life insurance helps alleviate the financial burden your family may be left with after your death. Usually paid as a lump sum, your dependants may use this money to assist with medical costs, funeral expenses or help secure their financial future. The cost depends on the amount of cover (age, gender and smoking status are also determining factors) you choose.  The level of cover you have should be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains suitable.

Total and permanent disablement (TPD)

In broad terms, TPD provides a lump sum in the event of a permanent disability that prevents you from returning to work. This lump sum can be used at your discretion to provide for your dependants, to compensate for the loss of your income, repay your debts or cover capital gains tax liabilities. Before taking out TPD insurance it is important that you understand the conditions under which the insurance company will pay a claim.


Trauma insurance is generally paid as a lump sum upon diagnosis of an eligible condition (eg cancer, heart disease), and the funds can be used at your discretion. You can use it to pay for additional medical care or to pay off the mortgage and relieve the financial pressure on your family.

Retirement Planning

For many of us, retirement is when dreams become reality. Released from the commitment of full-time employment, we are able to choose from a range of lifestyle options. Despite having all of this to look forward to, preparing for retirement can be one of the most stressful and uncertain times of your life. A significant aspect of any individual’s financial plan is ensuring that they can fund their retirement lifestyle effectively.


Super is one of the most tax-effective ways to save for your retirement. However, there are many different options of super funds available in today's increasingly complex market and not all super funds are the same. With all the different tax incentives available, superannuation is still one of the best ways to save for your retirement. We can help you to start planning today so you can have the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Estate Planning

In its most simple form, estate planning is all about peace of mind. It's about making sure that your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. With family structures becoming more fluid, planning your estate has become more important in recent times – and often involves much more than just a simple Will.

Family trusts, payouts of superannuation balances and the tax implications for beneficiaries can all be managed with a careful estate plan. Seeking advice from your financial adviser is a crucial step in developing a proper estate plan.

Aged Care

As with any decision in life, having access to the right information can help you make an informed decision which ultimately gives you peace of mind. Understanding all the issues – the implications to your age pension entitlements, the aged care costs you will be charged as well as the impact on your estate and the passing of your wealth to the next generation – will give you comfort around the decisions you and your family make.